The Conditioning Workshop Ottawa Feb 10-11 2024

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"The Conditioning Workshop" by Vital Strength & Physiology is a comprehensive workshop designed for strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, and physical therapists. It focuses on restoring professionals abilities to combine Gait Mechanics, Physiology, and Analysis to optimize programming and coaching for clients and athletes across various sports. The program promises to enhance participants' expertise in gait analysis, physiological testing, conditioning programming, and the science behind these practices, thereby establishing them as go-to experts in their field. We will also provide sample return-to-sport conditioning progressions. The workshop is valuable for those looking to refine their skills in these areas and is not suited for those solely interested in strength training or manual therapy without integrating mechanics, physiology, and analysis for optimal rehabilitation and performance. Your hosts Nick and Carla have included their bios and experience HERE!

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