Custom Strength Programs

Our custom strength programming services are 100% remote. Get tailored attention for your goals (strength, hypertrophy, rehab) from anywhere in the world.

Making Performance Easy

You’ve tried googling a program to follow, perhaps you’ve even tried hiring a coach. But something is not working, because you’ve got unique things about your circumstance that the other programs aren’t taking into account. Our coaches don’t shy away from complex cases.

Our strength programming packages are the right fit if :


You know how to get around the gym with confidence


If you don't have gym access, you are confident with following video and text instructions


You want a custom strength training plan tailored to your goals


You have a rehab or performance goal


You are self-motivated to follow a plan


You're ready to make at least a 3 month commitment to your health & performance goals

Success Stories


“Nick has been, and continues to be, an important factor in my athletic career and many others. Everyone says “work smarter, not harder” but with Nick you get a delicate balance of both.”

Gilmore Junio, Olympian


“During my career I put my faith in them to strengthen my specific weaknesses as an athlete. They has a very wide scope of knowledge, which combined with their passion, willingness to learn and ability to think outside the box, resulted in a very effective rehab plan that lead into a performance program, that helped me break every North American start and push record for bobsleigh.”



“I have loved all [their] programs but the online training program is my fave. Freedom to do it when I have time and as a single parent, that is my main priority.”

Amanda Blacktopp

Key Features Included

No pre-made plans here. Each plan is customized to you and your goals.
A 1-3 month commitment is required for all strength training plans.


Remote Initial Assessment

Custom programs start with an remote assessment that can be done from anywhere. An assessment involves videoing & answering intake forms & a questionnaire for us to better understand your complexity and create a program just for you.

TeamBuildr Subscription

Seamlessly stay in touch with your coach via your free subscription to the Teambuildr app included in your plan. The app makes monitoring & tracking progress, watching exercise videos & getting additional cues easy.

Professional Programming

Your programming is delivered by professional trainers with the highest levels of schooling, certifications and over 10 years of experience each. They are trained to work with high performances athletes but don’t shy away from any complex case.


Stay In Touch

Keep in touch with your coach via email and with video feedback, so that any questions you have are answered thoroughly. Make gains more quickly than guessing on your own, as your coach will be engaged with your progress.

What’s Included

Custom Strength Programming

All of our packages offer a level of individualization and customization that other remote strength coaches simply don’t offer. In order to achieve your best results, you need something built specifically for you to meet you where you’re at and take you to where you want to go.

Powerful Data

We use your data to make better training decisions about how to progress you at the optimal rate. From tracking your journal notes, to how your weights are progressing, to your symptoms and consistency, our coaches use this data to help prevent overtraining injuries & get you training harder and smarter for your goal.

Teambuildr app for program delivery

Delivered via an easy-to use app that integrates with your smart watch, your workouts will appear each week on the app, with instructions on how to complete the workout for best results. This app is great to keep your weights and personal bests tracked, and has a journal and video demonstration built into every exercise.

Coaching support

Message your coach directly in the appt and share videos of your training to get help with technique and cueing along the way. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and offering a tailored coaching experience. We can’t wait to see you hit your goals!

Get A Custom Plan And Tools To Help You Achieve Your Unique Goals

Workouts appear each week

Track your weights & notes

chat with your coach directly

How It Works

  1. Choose Your Package
  2. Pay
  3. Fill out intake forms
  4. Start Training
  5. Get ongoing feedback and program updates from your coach
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Strength Programming Package Options

Each of these packages requires:


a minimum 1-3 month commitment


plan billed monthly (until cancelled)

$20 Strength Club

The $20 Strength Club is our semi-customized option designed for people already motivated to get to the gym, but want structure and guidance in their current training. This program switches the focus and lifts slightly every month to avoid stagnation in the gym, while allowing you to track your weights and progress over time. Cancel anytime.


  • App access and ongoing programming in the TeamBuildr app
  • Coach assistance via the app
  • Videos for technique in-app
  • Ability to switch between full equipment and no-equipment programs

    $20 + GST

    Billed Monthly (until cancelled)
    No minimum commitment

    Advanced Strength Programming

    This program is for those who want a highly tailored training program and may have an injury history and needs that are more complex. They are 100% custom. In this program, we include more monitoring, schedule changes and adjustments to suit your complex needs. 3 month minimum.


    • Individualized program based on a specific training goal (ie. hypertrophy, max strength, sport specific, injury rehabilitation)
    • Tailored to your schedule and equipment needs
    • TeamBuildr App Access
    • Email and app contact for feedback
    • Video Analysis and Coaching

    $250 + GST

    Billed Monthly (until cancelled)
    3 month minimum commitment

    Pro Strength Programming

    This program is for those who want a very personalized experience, with more coaching calls to discuss training, more coaching feedback on training and strength, and the most high level of monitoring, schedule adjustments, and individualization as we can offer! 3 month minimum.


    • Individualized program based on 2 or more training goals (ie. hypertrophy, max strength, sport specific, injury rehabilitation)
    • Tailored to your schedule and equipment needs
    • 1x/month Zoom calls for additional help/ feedback/ instruction/ discussion
    • TeamBuildr app access
    • Unlimited email contact
    • Advanced periodization strategies
    • 1 Free Remote Movement Assessment (with feedback document)

    $400 + GST

    Billed Monthly (until cancelled)
    3 month minimum commitment

    All plans billed monthly until cancelled

    Refunds not available

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    Looking For In-Person 1-On-1 Coaching With Carla Or Nick?

    Due to high demand and limited availability, these coaches limited availability for in person 1-on-1 coaching spots. Follow this link to book an assessment:


    If you can’t find a time that works for you, apply below to get on the wait list and we’ll contact you once we have more space available.

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