Endurance Coaching

Go further faster with customized endurance coaching & training plans. All of these packages are delivered remotely.

Close Your Performance Gaps

Maybe you’ve sought help from other professionals before, but felt the whole process was robotic, not individualized, and that you were just another number in their system. You’ve got specific goals and want your coach to take the extra effort with you, to help you every step of the way. This is where we come in. Our coaches don’t shy away from complex cases.

Our endurance training packages are the right fit if:


Your current training goal is a minumum of 3 months away (longer is typically better)


You've got a specific running, cycling, or triathlon training goal you'd like to hit


You're ready to make at least a 3 month commitment to your health & performance goals


You've got a heart rate monitor OR power meter OR GPS watch OR are willing to get one


You might have tried other coaching or programs but haven't seen the results you're after yet


You're frustrated about your current gaps not being filled or don't even know what your gaps are

Client Success Story


“I’ve learned it’s so important to have someone in your corner to take cues from my body when I don’t even notice them. It’s not even 100% about the amazing training plan, but also about having someone to be in dialogue with and support you through the challenges you’re tackling. Thank you Rick!”


Key Features Included

No pre-made plans here. Each plan is customized to you and your goals. A minimum 3 month commitment is required for all endurance training plans.

Training Peaks Subscription

We use this app to build your annual training plan & make the best birds-eye-view decisions for your training goals.

It’s here we build scientifically sound & structured workouts to lead you to peak performances.

Data Analysis Provided

We can track your individual fatigue levels & tailor weekly training volume to maximize gains.

This allows us to make data-driven decisions about your fatigue, form & create the fitness adaptations we’re after.

Workout Feedback

Through our data analysis, we provide daily & weekly training feedback to ensure you’re hitting your paces & zones.

All our packages include training calls. This encourages you to train smarter & adapts your training along the way.


Pause Membership

With our endurance packages, you can pause for up to 2-4 weeks (depending on package) in case life takes the wheel for awhile.

This helps keep the package flexible while still seeing the gains you’re here for!

What’s Included

Custom Programming

All of our packages offer a level of individualization and customization that other endurance coaches simply don’t offer. In order to achieve your best results, you need something built specifically for you to meet you where you’re at and take you to where you want to go.

Powerful Data

We use your data to make better training decisions about how to progress you at the optimal rate. From tracking your chronic training loads, to your acute fatigue and stress, to your exact powers, paces and heart rates, our coaches use this data to help prevent overtraining injuries & get you training harder and smarter for your goal.

Training Peaks App For Program Delivery

Delivered via an easy-to use app that integrates with your smart watch, your workouts will appear on your watch so you can click start and just GO. Your workouts will appear each week on the app, with instructions on how to complete the workout for best results.

Coaching Support

Your coaches will be able to see every workout you do, and in our Advanced and Pro packages you’ll have them commenting on your workouts and supporting you each week. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and offering a tailored coaching experience. We can’t wait to see you hit your goals!

Hit Your Goals With Endurance Coaching

Integrate with your smart watch

plan for
race day

chat with your coach directly

How It Works

  1. Choose your plan
  2. Sign Up
  3. Get your data tracking device ready (heart rate monitor etc)

Client Liam McVarnock, competing at “The Big Tri”

Endurance Training Package Options

Each of these packages requires:


a commitment to working towards your goals (performance or rehab)


the ability to be accountable to a plan and give feedback to your coach


a minimum 3 month commitment (billed monthly until cancelled)


the desire to improve your endurance and fitness

Basic endurance coaching

This program is for those who want a great endurance program that culminates in a race or fitness goal (that is a minimum of 3 months away) and group coaching calls to discuss the training. This is best for individuals who are not injured.


  • Ongoing programming based on upcoming training goals
  • Running or Cycling
  • Training Peaks Account
  • Does not include weekly feedback or coach adjustments
  • Monthly group calls to discuss training, questions, feedback
  • Access to member’s-only information and content from your coach


$110 + GST

Billed Monthly (until cancelled)
3 month minimum commitment

Advanced Endurance Coaching

This program is for those who want tailored training and for those with more advanced needs. In this program, we include more individualization, monitoring, schedule changes and adjustments to suit your complex needs. If you’re injured, this package includes advanced help with that troubleshooting.


  • Individualized program based on 1 or more training goals
  • Running, Cycling, or Triathlon
  • Training Peaks *Premum* Account (adjust scheduling & receive coaching notifications)
  • TeamBuildr App for custom strength training; with videos
  • Up to 1x/week email contact
  • Weekly commenting and workout analysis by coaches
  • Onboarding Zoom call
  • Option to add Zoom calls for more support
  • Race & pace planning to ensure you’re ready for your race
  • 1x/year Zoom call with your coach

$250 + GST

Billed Monthly (until cancelled)
3 month minimum commitment

Pro Endurance Coaching

This program is for those who want a very personalized experience, with more coaching calls to discuss training, more coaching feedback on training and strength, and the highest level of coaching, monitoring, schedule adjustments, and individualization that we can offer! If you’re injured, this package includes pro help with that troubleshooting.


  • Individualized program based on 1 or more training goals
  • Running, Cycling, or Triathlon
  • Training Peaks *Premium* Account (adjust scheduling & receive coaching notifications)
  • Teambuildr App for custom strength; with videos
  • Up to 3x/week email contact
  • Twice weekly commenting and workout analysis by coaches
  • Onboarding Zoom call
  • 1x/month Zoom coaching call after onboarding
  • Option to add Zoom calls for more support
  • Super detailed Pro race & pace planning to ensure you’re ready for your races
  • Pro group coaching calls on complex training topics like tactics, physiology, periodization, and others
  • Video analysis for injury troubleshooting

$400 + GST

Billed Monthly (until cancelled)
3 month minimum commitment

Meet Your Coaches

Carla Robbins

With a Master’s of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, her passion is in tackling national level athletes both in strength training and conditioning, as well as testing and monitoring. She currently works with athletes trying to fulfill their goals at the World Cup and Olympic level, a handful of them attaining Olympic appearances.

Rick Canning

With a Bachelor in Engineering and coaching certifications in Marathon, Ultra running and Triathlon, Rick has brought a unique skill set to endurance coaching since 2015. He specializes in finding practical solutions to complex problems while helping athletes go after big goals. Whether that is tackling a new distance, achieving a personal best or striving for qualifying standards and podium finishes.

Chantelle Ball

Chantelle specializes in complex cases and has a Master’s in Kinesiology to support your needs. She works extensively in chronic conditions and injury rehabilitations, prevention of future injuries, and loves working with those that have special considerations.

Dave Proctor

As the TransCanadian speed record holder of running 7159 kms in just 67 days, Dave joins Vital to coach you at the Pro Coaching Package level. Daves combined decades of experience, focused knowledge of the body, and unique mental approach to becoming the best ultra runner in Canadian history aids our clients in bridging the gap between smart programming and real-world problem solving. When requesting to train with Dave you get Vital’s expertise programming with 1-1 coaching and group calls with the man himself.


Where are your coaches located?

Currently, Vital’s Endurance team are all located in Canada. But, our services are all provided remotely, so we can train you from wherever you happen to be!

Do you individualize your athletes training zones via heart rate or power?

Depending on what technology each athlete has access to, and what type of testing we feel is suitable for that athlete, we do individualize our athletes training zones. This can either be based on perceived exertion, heart rate, power, speed/pace, or other methods available to us. Rest assured that 100% of our programs receive individualized training zones.

Is nutrition counselling provided?

While we don’t currently have registered nutrition professionals on our staff, we are happy to help with professional recommendations when needed. What is included is the benefit of our coaches helping you by providing some nutritional strategies for fluid and fuelling related to performance.

Can I pause my coaching package?

After the initial 3 month committment, you can pause for up to 2 weeks with the basic plans, and up to 1 month on the advanced and pro packages.

Do you coach people like they are robots?

One of the main complaints we hear from unhappy athletes that switch to our coaching is that they felt in the past like their coach was treating them like a robot, or a number. Our coaching is different because we only take on a small number of athletes, so it allows us to get to know our athletes better – and get pumped when you’re racing! No need to send us a reminder – we’re right there cheering you on and engaged in the process.

Are your plans customized to my abilities?

Yes our Advanced and Pro Coaching plans are 100% customized, nothing is cookie cutter here, and that is reflected in our pricing. Even the Basic Plan is customized to your own training zones and intensities, and through your group coaching calls, things can be further customized. On the Advanced and Pro packages, more individualization is included: everything from Yearly Training Plan, to your volume, to your intensity, your drills, your feedback, to your strength program, and your progressions are individualized, because we believe this is how to make the best gains in fitness the fastest.

Can I choose my coach?

Everyone on our team works together on your plan in one way or another. Though, there is the possibility to choose your coach depending on availability and package level – just send us a message on the intake form after purchase to request someone specific. Rest assured that every client gets minimum 1 exercise physiologist and 1 endurance coach working with them for the best possible results. 

Are coaching calls included?

The Advanced and Pro Coaching packages include at least 1 call with your coach, because we think getting to know you better is the main way we can deliver the best possible training plan to you.

Is strength training included in my plan?

Yes, in the Advanced and Pro packages.

Do you have any less expensive pre-made plans?

Our Basic Coaching is the least expensive plan we offer for now. We also do offer a few pre-made plans that are available for sale on our Training Peaks account HERE

Have you coached successful endurance athletes before?

Yes we have coached an array of ultra-marathon, 5k to marathon, triathletes, and occupational athletes like fire fighters, in their endurance goals. Our coaches have also worked with world-record holders, Olympians, and pro athletes before. You’ve got coaches who have really tested their skills, in the trenches, before!

How many times per week do the plans require me to workout?

This is very individual, and part of the reason why we supply any pre-made plans. We work with you, your schedule, and your abilities to take you to your next level of performance, whatever that means to you.

How many times per week do the plans require me to workout?

This is very individual, and part of the reason why we supply any pre-made plans. We work with you, your schedule, and your abilities to take you to your next level of performance, whatever that means to you.

I specifically want access to Dave Proctor - the Trans Canada Speed Record holder. Which package do I select?

We are pleased to announce that Dave Proctor has joined our coaching team. In combining Vital’s expertise in endurance physiology with Dave’s real life application and dominance as the Trans-Canada Record Holder and the 24, 48 and 72 hour Canadian Records, we feel like we can create the very best experience and results within combining their approaches. If you want this level of expertise, select the Pro Package.

Client Success Stories


“My knee jerk response to your request for a testimonial is to say how it’s been so nice to work with your endurance program, but believe it or not, it’s more meaningful than that. Although a program just sounds like structure, it’s actually a turn-key between languishing and flourishing.”



“Thank you for helping me rehab my knee, building my confidence to skip my knee surgery, and programming me to do the 10k swim, 440k bike, and 85k run injury-free. You have not only improved my athletic performance, but they have made me a better and more knowledgeable coach myself.”



Carla worked alongside me, week by week, to propel me across the finish line. She tailored my training schedule to my fluctuating work hours, rehabbed me through (what should have been) a marathon-ending injury, and taught me how to fuel the fire so I stopped hitting the wall for the NYC marathon.