Foot Foundations

Stop ignoring your engine leak. Get more power, more performance, and less pain by building the foundations of hip strength and control.

Fix Your Hips. Start Moving & Feeling Better.

In Pain?

You’ve been battling with tight hips, groin issues, IT band syndrome, hip impingement, SI joint issues, or even knee and back pain and have tried everything under the sun to fix it.

The classic way of dealing with these hip conditions typically doesn’t work: RICE, passive physio treatments, maybe one glute exercise prescribed (if you’re lucky).

Our program can help.


Looking for performance?

Are your abilities not transferring to the track? Does it seem like your times on the track don’t match your numbers in the gym? Sometimes the over-focus on raw strength, “square hips”, and robotic drills causes a decrease in mobility and specificity for running and sprinting.

This is why we created the hip foundations program.  Increasing hip strength through a full range of motion and while restoring rotation and coordination can be the difference.

You’ve been misled about how our hips are meant to work. It’s still common to hear coaches or individuals say “keep your hips square” and “minimize excessive movement”. However, the ability to slingshot your hips is the same as the ability to corner your Formula 1 race car on the track for the most efficiency around each turn.

What Makes This Program Different?

Hip Foundations

12 weeks of exercises


Focus on loading tissues


Holistic approach


Low financial cost


Addresses the issue



Traditional methods

Single appointments


Focus on passive treatments


Fixed approach


High financial cost


Works around the issue



Is This Program Right For You?

This program was designed for people who want to improve the health and rotation of their hips for better performance, or for those with:


Lack of transfer from weight room to sports


Slow running or sprinting times


Wanting to improve running gait


FAI/ Pincer/ Cam Impingement


Labral tear


IT band syndrome


Piriformis syndrome


Low back pain related to tight hips


SI joint issues


Groin strain/pain


Knee pain


Tight quads/ quad dominant


Bursitis in the hip


Patellofemoral problems


Osgood Schlatter's syndrome

What’s Included

12 Week Training Program

12 weeks of exercises (4 days/week), progressed in 3 phases (1 month each), are designed to progressively challenge your abilities in strength and mobility. It can be adapted to more or less advanced individuals with more or less resistance.

Teambuildr App for program delivery

Delivered via an easy-to use app that tracks your progress, testing numbers, notes, and perceived pain over time. Your exercises will appear each week on the app, with instructions on how to progress each exercise as your pain and strength improves.

Price $60 $29/mo for 3 months

Tax not included
Only 3 payments
3 mo access to app
Ability to print program

Backed by hip-specialized physiotherapist

Our program has been tried and tested by a Canadian physiotherapist with additional courses and training on the hip.

In app videos/support

Video demonstrations are built right in to our app so you can quickly and seamlessly get the visual demos and cues you need to be successful. In-app messaging makes it easy to connect with your community and a coach if you need help along the way.

Price $60 $29/mo for 3 months

Tax not included
Only 3 payments
3 mo access to app
Ability to print program

How It’s Made

3 phases to fix your hip pain and get you moving and feeling better.

Phase 1

4 weeks in length

Phase 1 you’ll go through a full session on testing. Through this testing protocol you’ll learn how to measure aspects of hip strength, mobility, and dissociation. Phase 1 of the program is based around learning releases, basic dissociation, control and rotation of the hip, as well as basic strength exercises that we will build on in the next 2 phases.


Phase 2

4 weeks in length

Phase 2 builds on the foundation you built in Phase 1. This next 3 week phase will focus on increasing the dynamic control through the hips, knees and feet, including some transfer to gait. The exercises will focus on control, full range of motion, and integrating harder strength exercises and juicier releases.


Phase 3

4 weeks in length

In Phase 3 we now add jumping variations that teach you integration into your running (or walking), and build further strength and capacity in the entire chain. Every exercise can be regressed to variations from earlier phases, but is suitable for full rehab for athletes returning to sport after they finish. At the end of Phase 3, you’ll re-test everything you did in Phase 1 to see if you’ve improved or if your symptoms have decreased.


Get Started

  1. Pay for the program
  2. Download the app
  3. Do the program!


I've never tried loading or doing exercise for my injury. Could that make it worse?

We go over more of these concerns within the program, but simply put, we think most of the reasons why people aren’t getting better is because of the LACK of loading in their rehab program. We will guide you in this program to recognize how much pain is normal and acceptable to get better.

What equipment do I need for this program?

Everything you need, and where to find each thing, can be found in THIS video.

Quick link to products here:

Small medicine ball (any size or weight should work if its firm, though) 
Mini bands
Lacrosse ball
– Cable machine of any kind, but long bands or Ancore work too
 – Travel foam roller (any size works, though)
 – Ankle weights
 – Small step (or can use a step from a staircase)
 – Optional dumbbells to add weight (would recommend a space-saver like these)
Barbell for releases (can be substituted with lacrosse ball, but less effective)

Can I pick what days of the week I complete the program?

Yes! With our new “flex programming” option – just send us a message as soon as you purchase the program, and we can change your program to allow you to complete it as slow or fast as you like, instead of the original layout of 3 strength days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) and one mobility day (Saturday) each week. 

Who is this program for?

Anyone who has hips, that move, can benefit from this program. You don’t have to be an elite athlete, a runner, or do any specific sport to be on this program! We are of the belief that even when structural limitations in joints are present, we can still benefit from strengthening the bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that help support joint and whole-body health.

How much of a commitment is this program?

Aside from the first and last testing day, the 9-week program has 3 strength & mobility days, and one mobility/breathing/recovery day each week. When first learning a new phase of the program, you can expect to spend a little more time watching the videos for each exercise and learning the cues. After that initial learning period, and depending on the person, the strength days usually take 40-60 minutes and the mobility day around 20-40 minutes. 

While this isn’t an individualized program, we’re here to support and offer suggestions for modifications, how to cut down or ramp up the volume, and/or how to modify different exercises. Though, some of these things can be better assessed in person, with an individualized strength plan, or in-person with a manual therapist.

If I want to do this and another Foundations program, which should I do first?

This will mostly depend on the individual to select the one they want or need the most – as they are all different, and all good! The Foot Foundations program requires less equipment than Hip Foundations, so might be a good starter program. The Hip Foundations will progress to more barbell exercises and will require more equipment, so might be good to do second, unless your hips are your primary concern – then start here!

Who should I see if pain persists?

If you have a newly acquired injury or are unsure of whether or not it is appropriate to begin or resume exercise, I strongly suggest being assessed by an appropriate medical professional to prevent anything from worsening. These professionals include (but are not limited to) physiotherapists, chiropractors, physicians or athletic therapists.

Are there certain conditions where exercise might be contraindicated?

A big red flag for any exercise is uncontrolled pain when considering certain injuries. Essentially, we want to get people moving as much as we possibly can, but if your overall pain is not controlled or getting worse with continuation of a given exercise, it might be an indicator that it is not appropriate at that time.

What would be an indication to stop or see another medical professional before continuing?

If you try adjusting an exercise, or stop and start again and the pain continues to progress, we would suggest being assessed by a medical professional prior to continuation. This ensures you don’t have a particular injury or condition that could possibly get worse with exercise.

How long will it take to fix my problem?

Individual differences make answering this question very difficult, especially with the wide variety of conditions this program has been proven to work for. However, your program includes in-app messaging with us, and we’re happy to provide some additional guidance once you’re done the 8 week program, if you’re not already “fixed”!

How long is the program? Can I extend it if I need?

The structured program is 9 weeks long, but if you would like to extend your program by a few weeks and repeat some of the earlier progressions, we are happy to help accommodate this.

Why did you create Hip Foundations?

We created our Hip Foundations program because often we spend many days, weeks, and sometimes months, teaching new clients the “meat and potatoes” of what we think are the foundations of hip mobility, strength, and control at their hips, before we build off of those. We wanted to make the basics more accessible to more people so that we could continue to have an impact at every level.

Does this program include testing?

Yes! We will have 6 things we pre-test, with video demonstrations and explanations on how-to, then we will follow up those tests at the end of the 8 week program to see what has improved!

Does this program offer coaching and support?

Yes! Although this program does not involve any in-person or phone aid, we can chat directly to our Hip Foundations clients through the app and answer any questions you might have there. If you need help integrating this around your current programming – just reach out!

Who created the Hip Foundations program?

Carla Robbins, a certified exercise physiologist, Nicholas Simpson, a certified strength and conditioning coach, and Cassandra Downe, a physiotherapist with a specialty in hip and lower back, all collaborated to create this program. We saw a gap in the typical way of managing hip and lower back injuries, and created Hip Foundations.

Do you have any testimonials from those who have done your program?

Yes! Some of them are on our Instagram page or on our Google Reviews.

Don’t Just Take It From Us

Real client results after completing the Hip Foundations program with us.


When my hip injury did not resolve, and physio and chiro treatments over the next 2 years did little to help the issue, Vital’s hip program showed immediate positive results and I have continued to improve my mobility, range of motion, and strength while running ultramarathons at a high level!

– Bob Pritchard


The hip mobility and strength improvements made through this program have translated directly to my on-ice performance. Thanks for helping me to become a more confident and powerful hockey player!

– Maura Graham


As a chiropractor, I have a thorough understanding of the human body and yet I found myself in a frustrating place where I couldn’t seem to get through my week at the office without back pain. My hip strength, mobility and endurance are now continually improving, but most importantly, my fear of movement has evaporated.

– Laurence Dion

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