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Nick and I met back when he was a powerlifter, and we were both working for the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI). Soon after meeting Nick at CSI, I started my masters and CSI had me work as the Assistant Strength Coach under Nick with the Dino’s Swim Team. This is where I got a better taste of Nick’s philosophy and methodology for training athletes and teams.


Since then, we have both made leaps and bounds and adjustments in our training philosophies, and it just so happens that we align more now despite the many changes we have made individually.


In this episode Nicholas Simpson sat down (virtually) with the Flexibull in January of 2021 to discuss all things strength and conditioning.


Nicholas, as many of you know, is now a strength and conditioning coach for me with my company Vital Strength and Physiology in Calgary. I feel so lucky to work with a friend and mentor.


Nicholas has worked with multiple medal winning athletes at the international and Olympic level in both Speed Skating and Swimming. In this episode of the Strength Culture Podcast, they discuss Nick’s evolving training which has included everything from Powerlifting and Weightlifting to a more movement based approach, and how and why this changed over his career and has impacted not only how he trains himself, but his clients and athletes as well.


Different philosophies in our industry


In a crowded strength and conditioning world, it isn’t hard to notice that there are many different camps of coaches promoting different philosophies and agendas. You will find the powerlifting crowd chanting about the benefits of brute strength and muscle mass. You will find the pilates crowd chanting about the importance of control and fine motor movements before adding weight or load. You will find the athletic coaches chanting about post-activation potentiation and about measuring data on force plates. You will find Functional Patterns and GOATA crowds using new lingo like inside ankle bone high (IABH) to chant about the importance of a select few criteria in sport. Then, you will find Vital Strength and Physiology, chanting about something that combines all areas and aspects. We find ourselves evolving as new ideas and new research emerges, we find ourselves adapting to every different client who hires us, and we find ourselves excited to constantly learn new information.


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