Remote Movement Assessment

Recording Your RMA

If you’re seeing this page, you’re ready to record your Remote Movement Assessment!

Follow along with the instructions and videos below, recording your videos as you go.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us your questions or comments below.

When you’re done, please upload your videos into a Google Drive folder and share it back with us.

General Instructions for Remote Movement Assessment
Standing Posture
Hypermobility Assessment (5 Tests)
Neck/Cervical Range of Motion Assessment
Shoulder Range of Motion Tests
Spinal Range of Motion Test
Spinal Range Rotational
Pillar Tests
Squat Tests
Hip Internal Rotation
Lying Shoulder Range of Motion Tests
Shoulder Pain Clearance Tests
Lying Hip Tests
Seated Spine Range of Motion Tests
Shoulder Abduction Test
Ankle Range of Motion (Dorsi, Plantar, Eversion, Inversion)
Ankle Dorsiflexion Range Test
Standing Ankle Pronation and Supination
Split Stance Foot Arch
Calf Raise Tests

Lying Hip Flexion

Quadruped Rockback

3 Dissociation Tests

Wrist and Elbow Tests

Breathing Tests

Lateral Tests

Jumping Tests

Step Up Test

Walking and Running Assessment

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